Rib design born on customer's request , on following requirements

- open rib 8.3 m (28 ft)  suitable

for professional uses, diving, fishing, sport leisure trips, tender; so hull adapt for various conditions, fast but capable of heavy loads because loss of performances; flush-deck, clean,  center console and 4 jockey-seats , can be placed the rollbar  or other accessoriers deck layout is customizable

- lightweight hull, to achieve good performances with single outboard; the low weight is achieved by vacuum infusion using 100% vinylester resin and multiaxial glass fibers , but the hull is also stiff thanks to the insertion of full-framed stiffening system and big longitudinal stiffeners, to carry heavy loads in rough seas

-Hull design adapt to navigate well in rough sea state, comfortably and dry; The hull then is designed with a 21 transom deadrise ,high medium deadrise and sharp bow, with 3 pairs of strikes to improve the transverse stability , the speed and the dryness . All these features gives high handling attitudes , completed also with an extra low C.G.

-to be trailered inflated: Beam is only 2.55 m.

Performances achived during test with a DF250 Suzuki are a max speed of about 50 knots (49.6) with medium load, and a fuel consumption of 30 L/H at 30 Knots.

This rib has been tested in rough seas and strong winds (>35 knots) showing a stunning behavior at fast speed in the waves.




Material: glass reinfoced GRP , pluriaxial glass fibers with 100% vinylester resin, vacuum infusion

Lenght: 8.30 m

Beam: 2.55 m

Dry weigh: 600 kg

Transom deadrise: 21

Tubes: neoprene-hypalon 1600 g/sqm, 6 compartments

Max Load: 20 px

Gasoline tank: 300 L

Water tank: 100 L

Self bailing

Cat. CE B/C


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Some photos of Rib building