SouthBound Akes 675




At Southbound aesthetics are everything, if something looks good, the ergonomics and structural integrity will follow. This is typical of our design and

construction. For this boat, the cooperation between the boatyard and Akesdesign created a superb RIB with foamfilled collar, fishing-ready deck ,

trailerable, made of aluminum 5083. Built to the toughest standards with safety and stability in mind, our boats are comfortable and have the ability to

handle the roughest of Down South Australia weather & sea conditions.

Southbound 675 design is based on a Akesdesign hull with one of the largest deadrises available with a slamming zone, along with mellow reverse

chines at the slamming point allowing the hull to displace the water highly efficiently. The boat, built with big plate thickness and a very strong stiffening

system, is perfect for cruising and fishing in any conditions, due to its strong construction and unsinkability given by foamfilled collar.

Performances are pretty good with 45 knots with a 250 hp and very dry and soft ride.


Lenght LOA 6.95 m
Lenght Lh  6.75 m
Beam 2.54 m
Tubulars Foamfilled
Diameter 0.6 m
Dry weight 1600 kg
Engines 225/300 hp
Recommended power 250 cv
Gasoline tank 300 l
Freshwater tank 40 l
Max persons 8
Hull Deep V
Transom deadrise 24
CE design category C/B

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