Akes 25 walkaround

"the big dog"



Akes 25 Walkaround is a tough boat , that combines seaworthiness and overall performances with a comfortable deck and cabin .

This boat design gives a bomb-proof strenght: thickness of 6 and 8 mm marine grade aluminum 5083 H111 and a continuous

structural grid  make it extremely stiff and almost strong to be able to withstand stress beyond all limits required

by CE requirements and proper of extremely demanding professional user .

Galvanic corrosion is a matter of the past: sacrificial anodes and complete galvanic isolation between all metal

components  make the aluminum Akes 25 Walkaround really durable.

The hull is the latest evolution of hull shapes already tested successfully on other Akesdesign boats,  known for their

seaworthiness : plane with very low speed , smoothness , soft impact in rough seas and dry ride , all these features

joined  with a low weight make the Akes 25 able to give outstanding performance with only a single engine of 200hp.

Light weight and smoothness, the objectives of the boat design, are also reflected in consumption that are significantly

lower than those of a similar classic fiberglass boats.  Akes 25 reaches the mile per liter at cruising speed .

A stable hull both transversely and longitudinally , and dry, allows to have a satisfying ride in all  weather conditions.

But security is also passive:  although it is very difficult to scratch the thick hull of   Akes 25 , as the  Aluminum is the

best material in the graze resistance , Akes 25 Walkaround is  compartmentalized in watertight sectors and there

lies the inside buoyancy polystyrene cut and pasted hot , so as to remain afloat even if hit by a heavy machine gun .


In addition to seaworthiness and strength worthy of the name , the design of the boat has been developed with an emphasis on

comfort and ergonomics of the deck .   Nothing cramped , no wasted area : two large swim platforms make it

 pleasant to spend the moments of sun lounging comfortably in the stern , a side passage of more than 60 cm in

width makes the immediate access to the cockpit , the dining area  is very comfortable thanks to the sofas in the

middle of which finds place a table of generous proportions that can make even extension to create aft sundeck ,

the stern seat on one side has a live bait tank and on the other side a rail protection for maximum safety .

The bolster - central driving seat ,  is also a storage locker that can hold the refrigerator or other equipment and make

also as backrest  for pilot and co-pilot. The console has the ergonomically designed area for instrument  

to read them immediately .

The access to the bow is by two comfortable steps and in the bow deck there is also a sundress area with handles

on the side of safety. The bow ends with anchor space in which can be placed the electric winch for  anchor and chain .

Another solution refined and perfected is the t-top "G -top" made ​​with continuous tube curved on which is welded a

metal sheet that is , apart the roof , the basis for each type of instrument and lights.

The access in the cabin is through a wide access door (60 cm wide), inside there is the main bed with dimensions

195x180 cm, suitable for spending the night on board.

Under the bed there is also a space enough big to place furnishments, luggage, and others; Astern of the bed there

is also the separate wc toilet. The cabin is well lighted by day due to big window, and by night thanks to led illumination lights.

Colours of the interior fabrics and upholstery are completely customizable.


In all this, the  Akes 25 Walkaround is easy to build so it has a low price.













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Technical Specifications

Material: marine grade alloy  5083 H111, 6 , 8 and 15 mm thickness

Lenght: 7.5 m

Lenght over all f.t. : 8.1 m

Beam : 2.55 m (trailerable)

Dry weight: 1200 Kg

Load: 8 persons

Engine : 200 - 350 hp single outboard

Max power: 350 hp (single) - 2x175 hp (twin engine transom)

Performances : up to  52 knots

Fuel tank: plastic 300 L

water tank: 100 l

fishRods: 8

Livewell  50 L

CE cat. B/C

Hull grid of Akes 25 Walkaround


Some photos of the first Akes 25 WA