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Design & Construction

costruzione akes 23 011





Akes design is an Italian design team of  Naval Architects that design complete custom boats; boat projects are available in boat plans; or thanks to the


cooperation between boat designer and boatbuilders it is possibile to have a full custom boat ready for lauch.   Our goal is to make boats that satisfy


customer requirements, combining the best ride quality to a comfortable deck layout and  , of course, the deck layout that customer wants.   The customer can


choose his favourite material for the construction, and purchase the boat plans  choosing to build the boat himself, or to commit the boat to a boatbuilder.


We are able to make cnc-ready , 2d or 3d, drawings boat plans  We work with appreciate  boatbuilders that built boats from different materials


(aluminium,steel, GRP, plywood-epoxy).


All the boats meets the ISO-CE 12215/7 requirements for structure and stability.


We also collaborate with RINA (Registro Italiano Navale) , for Ship  surveying .



ricostruzione superficie2

3d laser reconstruction of a tug boat




Akes 24 XR plate explosion



CFD analysis on Vento 500 hull


Stability and Buoyancy analysis





FEM analysis on Akes 25



CFD Analysis: This technology helps to test and improve hull performances 



Prototyping with 3D Printers, to check the design once again.