Akes 19


Akes 19 is born thanks to the cooperation with  Carpenteria Nautica Cancelli ,and this boat is a new open alloy boat with great rough sea capabilites and good comfort  also requiring low power to have good performances. 

The hull, derived from bigger Akes models,  has been designed for  40/60 hp engines or 70 hp.

Akes 19 planes at very low speed with very low trim angle,  at very low revs and without need to "push" on the throttle;

this allows to ride with big load with poor decreasing of performance in any conditions, and otherwise without necessity of bigger and expensive engines.  A stable hull, transverse and longitudinally, that allow to come back in any weather and sea condition, with maximum safety and dry ride.











Easy to drive, light, but also very very stiff, due to his material (alloy 5083 marine grade, 4mm thick) and his strong stiffening

system hull grid, calculated with 3d analysis software. Akes 19 is able to withstand every stress in the sea without any care or any pain.

 Continue weldings and stiff deck contribute to made a monolithic structure without leaks. Unsinkable and filled with polistyrene . So seaworthiness, but also comfort. The wide deck area is accessible by 2 platforms in which lies the ladder, and there is a wide sofa seat in the stern area with backrest for 3 peoples. Just ahead a drive helm with enough space for cooler, wide enough for 2 peoples.

There is always enough space to move without tight spaces. Akes 19 consolle is enough wide (90 cm), to drive comfortably avoiding any "crouch, cringes" drive ways. In the front of the consolle there is also another seat, with comfortable dimensions, not "false". At the bow, a "U" shaped seat with possibility of central table useful as table for eating  or sundress area.

Entire Akes 19's deck is drained by big drain holes and has enough space below to place a 110 L plastic fuel tank and water tank.

This boat is built by Carpenteria Nautica Cancelli, a factory that works for 20 years in mid/heavy carpentry,

 and has all the technologies and machineris to build the boats with maximum care and quality.

Akes 19 is available also in boat plans to home build.

For informations on available boats and prices, mail  or tel. +39 0363900432

For infos regarding the project or boat plans,  mail , +39 3280728331

 An Akes 19 built by Carpenteria Metallica Cancelli

Some views of a Akes 19 in construction













Screenshots of the first Akes 19 in sea trials


Tech. Specs

Lenght m. 5.70

Beam m. 2.13

Dry weightkg. 430

Draft m. 0.25

Recommended engine : da 40 a 70 hp

Performances with  Yamaha F40 4-strokes engine:

Min planing speed- 7 knots@3000 rpm

Cruising speed  - 20 kn @4200 rpm

Range wirh  100 L fuel : 210 miles

Max speed  28 kn @ 6100 rpm*

Max speed fully load  (6 px, bags) : 26 knots at 6000 rpm

CE cat. C

* with alloy 12" prop, engine blocked by rev limiter










welding particular

Akes 19 Hull

Stern platforms

drainage channels hidden

bow eyebolt

deck zone

bow zone

tank space

stern benches