Concept design & Ultracustom design



Design challenges, in which the requirements are different from the common , and for what the ideas must comply the feasibilty;

There are some examples of different boats, designed and -some- built in order to meet practical or logistic requisites, and that

pushed the design activity beyond the usual. Some of them is still  a sketch, some other has been built and navigates the sea .


"I would like a boat the looks like a dolphin".


"I want the biggest planing boat, fast with a 40 hp". Thanks to an accurate hydrodinamic study, supported by CFD analysis,

"W2W", has been built and tested. The challenge has been won, the 8 m x 3 fiberglass open boat achieved almost 30 knots

with a 40 / 70 yamaha outboard with a stock aluminum propeller.

The challenge has been repeated further in a still bigger boat: "X1", built in fiberglass, is a 8.5 x 3.20 m open , based on W2W hull.

The prototype achieved 26 knots with a 40/60 hp Mercury.


Powercat 10 is a well know boat, but when the project design started, there was no other vessel with same features.


Concept "W0rc" , fully developed, designed as a 3d printable model for self-righting tests.



Akes 700 "Max": first and important requirements, the max beam 2 meters, in order to find place in the swiss port of Geneva.

Powered by a single 115 hp 4 stroke outboard, the boat is 7 m long , weights 1200 kg, built in aluminum, and achieves 32 knots.



26 feet cabin, aluminum, designed for a customer that wanted an outboard closed "nordic" boat.



Lancia 10: utility boat