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Boat Design Range


Grado Dodici


Akes 42


Powercat 10


Requin Gris 33


Pyxis 30


Akes 288 WA


Requin Gris 28


Akes 27


legacy 26

Akes 26


Akes 25 Walkaround


Akes 25 Fisherman


Akes S 24


akes 24 xr

Akes 24 XR


Rib Design Range


Zeta Elle 1.4


CAB Silverado 13.7


Miura 40


LTN 34 Diamond


Salpa Soleil 33


Bayamo R 9.9


LTN 30 Quantum


Miura 30


Zeta Elle 8.5


Med-Extreme 8.5


Bayamo Heron 7.6




LTN Venom 26+


LTN Venom 26



Raptor 750 RIB


Southbound 675


AQA 22 Alu


Falkor 22


LTN Drake 21


Advance G600


LTN JetTender



LTN Hikari 19


Giganti 550



Vento 500




















Akesdesign boat design studio is specialized in modern design of pleasure-powerboats and rigid inflatable boats (Ribs)  joining the theory of the Naval Architecture with the practice developed during decades of navigation. The design work is focused on production of boats, rigid inflatables or special hulls on request, according to the preferences of the customer. Boat plans also available for the home builder.


Bayamo R 9.9, custom granturismo aluminum RIB


Southbound Akes 675 - aluminum custom foamfilled RIB


AkesFish 18 - small fisherman for big seas


Akes 22 Walkaround v2, the multipurpose boat is updated




Giganti Marine 550 - all weather leisure rib



Pyxis 30 - sport walkaround with cruiser capabilities


Akes S 24-  SportCruiser state of the art - now also outboard edition



LTN Aluminum Rib Range updated with last LTN 30 Quantum!



 Fisherman Akes 20 II , a great all-seas and blue water performer, still improved


New Akes 19V2, alloy boat useful with low power engines but great seakeeping capabilities




 New:Advance Rib 600


 Cabin rib Salpa Soleil 33


Bayamo Heron 7.6:  Aluminum Granturismo



Powercat 10, 30 knots riding a cloud

 Akes 25 Walkaround, all-weather boat , for comfortable cruising and fisherman use, with wide deck and cabin.


Akes 23 WA, the latest evolution to make this boat again greater



Aluminum rib design: AQA 22 -


LTN 34 Diamond, new generation aluminum RIB


Akes 22 Walkaround, the multipurpose boat



Custom RIB CZD-28



Miura custom ribs range



Miura 30,ultracustom cabin RIB



New Akes 205, Akes 233 Airtop, Akes 288 Walkaround: top multipurpose boats




 Miura 40, wide ultracustom cabin RIB



Med-Extreme 8.5, the state-of-the-art technology RIB, just launched




 Akes 25 Fisherman, the Sea Machine



 New open Akes 22 , daycruiser center consolle, blue water fisherman and leisure boat.




Falkor 22 during seatrials ,Zagreb Boat Show.




 Open Lobster - walkaround  "Grado Dodici" outboard powered



The boat are designed in order to combine excellent navigation performances together, thanks to the appropriate geometry of the hull, designed to achieve very seakeeping attitudes, and to the highest degree of safety. The stability and the stiffness are always fundamental starting points for the development of the boat design; the deck is designed to meet everyone's demand, for comfort and relax - during the navigation and at anchor. All boats, including the custom ones, are designed in accordance to the regulations of ISO-CE rules. The custom boats are available in plans according to the different materials (Fiberglass, Sandwich, Wood,  or Aluminium) or can be built on request thanks to the partnership with the shipyards.


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Our Services:


-feasibility study  and preliminar design, general arrangements, technical specifications, weight calculations

-concept boat design

-boat, rigid inflatables (ribs), and specific marine vessels design, boat plans

-monohulls and catamaran design with the best hulls combining rough seas and performances

-aluminum boat design, wood, fibreglass single skin and sandwich,  composite materials.

-deck design and interior boat design

-3d shape and final drawings in format 2d or 3d CAD , ready to mill with CNC machines

-naval architecture, power prediction with CFD calculations

-modifies, refitting, surveys

-hydrostatics and dynamic stability , buoyancy calculations

-structural design with RINA rules and optimization with FEA structural analysis software

-project developements for easy building

-plate and part developements , nesting , for cutting machines and material save

-modifies , trim and heel optimization on existing boats

-prototyping in small scales of entire models and real scale particulars using 3d printers


For Informations:


mail info@akesdesign.it
















-CAB new-


-BAYAMO new-






-AKES F 34-






Openfish 490 V2 updated





Akes 19V2 in Tenerife



AQA 22 WA video



First test Med-Extreme 8.5 Evinrude G2 300 hp


Video of Akes 25 Fisherman in action



Some videos of Vento 500 in rough seas


Cruiser "JFR"




        Akes 20 "rough sea trials"



        Powercat 10 in navigation