Akes 22 WA fisherman edition

The new Akes 22 Walkaround is designed to have a boat at a reasonable price, with low maitenance costs, but the best in class. This boat is multipurpose, very comfortable , safe in every condition, ideal for fishing e and mid-range cruising, with the plus of a cabin. Look is modern and massive, with a straight-reversed bow shape from which starts the deepV variable hull variabile with 4 lifting strakes. The sides with built-in deep shape and staggered aft side create a unique shape; the hull, with an innovative design solution is longer afloat and during plane than a conventional 22 ft hull; the particular bow sheer and V-extended stern with included flaps give real dimensions comparable with longer boats, with all the resultant benefits: more added transverse and longitudinal stability, easier to plane and at a lower speed, smoother in rough seas, more seakeeping.

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Akes 22 Walkaround



Some photos of the external and interior layout

This V variable hull , joined with lightness of aluminum, makes the Akes 22 Walkaround suitable for low power engines, with benefits in economy and fuel consumption. This boat design paid attention to the optimization of the stability afloat, that is a necessary requirement for fishermen and also of course for relax afloat. Inside spaces have a great and useful volume that is difficult to find in a 22 ft boat. Despite of the max beam (2.55 m - trailerable), the inside beam is 2.05 m , thanks to the double vertical side, and these 2m are fully suitable and walkable. At the stern, 2 platforms extend the bathing area. No barriers to climb up, no architectural walls, no high steps, and the central metal rollbar gives more safety, as handle, but does not prevent the complete engine tilt. Inside the cockpit, 2 opposed seats, for 6 peoples. The aft seat includes the live bait tank and the battery locker, the central seat is big enough to have a 2 people bolster seat, and contains the freezer. The table can be rigged in between, useful also as sundress prolongue. The built-in lockers in the side are helpful to stow fishing rods, boat hook, spearguns, and it is simple to access to the gasoline filter. The consolle, walkaround type, has a big dashboard in which can find place a giant 10" gps-plotter, echo, compass, vhf, radio, engine instruments, etc. On the left side, there is the access door, foldable and that can be fixed under the AirTop. This one helps as shelter from the sun, the wind, and it is also a support for antennas and rod holders. The inside of the cabin provides a wc, and a big bed , 180x200 cm . At the bow, a "chaise longue" sundress area for 2 peoples, in which the access is granted by the safe walkaround passage, that connects all the boat perimeter.

Technical specs:

  • Material: marine alloy 5083 H111, thick 4 , 5 and 15 mm
  • Lenght : 6.83 m
  • Lenght overall (included stern platforms) : 7.39 m
  • Beam : 2.55 m (trailerable)
  • Dry weight: 1200 Kg
  • Max load: 8 px
  • Recommended engine: 150 - 225 hp single outboard
  • Max engine: 300 hp (single) - 2x 115 hp (twin)
  • Performances: from 35 knots (140 hp) to 52 knots (300 hp)
  • Fuel tank: 220 L
  • Water tank: 100 L
  • Rod holders: 8
  • Live bait tank: 50 L
  • Design category CE: B / C

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