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Italian boat designers - aluminum & fiberglass powerboats

With more than 60 different hulls designed and tested in the water, Akesdesign boat design studio has a great knowledge and experience in planing boats and aluminum custom boat design. The design project is fully customizable from the scratch, to meet the customer’s requirements. In each new boat the hull is designed specifically, which consider the operating requirements, use, type of propulsion, number of passengers, seakeeping capabilities, strength, fuel consumption. Stability is optimized with latest CAD software analysis, as unsinkability features. Sea behavior in rough and high seas is a trademark of Akesdesign hulls, which geometries are of course checked and optimized using hydrodynamic CFD analysis, but especially based of experience started using and designing hulls in rough western Sardinian seas and still tested in all weather conditions.

Variable-geometry hulls, for single and multiple engines, outboards, sterdrives, inboard, hydrojet, with and without redans, but all of them have great balance, low planing speed in order to face big waves more comfortably, low fuel consumption at cruising speed, and of course good speed performances. As for the comfort inboard, it comes from the designer’s experience, since he always spends his leisure time in the boat. Last but not least, the look: boats have modern shape, cutting-edge, but they are not mere design objects, as often nowadays happens: they have a design that comes from correct proportions and serviceable for the use. In the Akesdesign portfolio you can find boats built in fiberglass, one-off plywood-epoxy, carbon fiber hulls, and single and twin hull boats made of aluminum. Akesdesign has a great experience in aluminum alloy design, and has many partnership with worldwide boatyards, which built several boats for all over the world customers.

Akesdesign boat design studio is located in Sardinia - Italy

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