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Italian RIB designers - custom rib, aluminum and fiberglass

The Akesdesign rib design studio has a considerable experience in the design of semi-rigid inflatable boats and planing aluminium custom boats. As well as for boat projects, the dinghy project is set up to combine the required deck layout with the hull shapes that make it pleasant to navigate in all conditions. Stationary stability is ensured by tubulars of sufficient diameter to ensure unsinkability and longitudinal and transverse balance even if the central part of the hull is completely flooded. The tubes of the inflatable boat are positioned so as to offer support on the surface of the water during use and remain not too immersed in order to avoid the formation of fouling. All this of course based on your destination. The inflatable boat project is also optimized according to the operational requirements: at the same time, a project for inflatable boat to be used for rental-hire, a tender tender, for classic family pleasure craft, high performance, for professional use, which can also be developed.

Deck layout as ergonomic as possible and which naturally also satisfies aesthetics with elegant and never coarse shapes. For the inflatable boat project, the initial concept design, which is born on the basis of the intended use and the customer / site preferences and which is the main part of the entire project, is developed with 3D CAD and is refined and analyzed by software 3D structural calculation and hydrostatic / hydrodynamic analysis with CFD (computational fluid dynamics). It does not matter that the inflatable boat can be made of fiberglass, polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy resins, in sandwich, by hand lamination or by infusion, in marine plywood externally reinforced with glass fiber, or in light alloy (aluminum): the overall design takes into account the material and optimizes the geometry and the final result based on the construction material chosen: the creation of the model and molds can be done either by hand or by means of a numerical control.

Our portfolio includes the creation of inflatables of different use and dimensions, with an unmistakable style and made with different methodologies but which have always met the aesthetic and functional expectations and requirements.

The Akesdesign RIB design studio is located in Sardinia - Italy

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