Akes 23

The Akes 23 model has been designed in order to create a "no compromise" boat, absolutely safe in the most difficult conditions, such as rough seas. Big appearance, tough shape, good looking, smooth surfaces, rounded corners, strong hull, no matter in big seas and bluewater raids. The high flared bow, the self bailing deck, the unsinkable foam filled double hull, and the deep keel allow to face the sea's breakers at such a high speed, that only larger-sized boats can reach. Moreover, the boat is designed with a perfect calculated weight distribution aboard and a low barycenter, which allows to get on plane with a minimal pull up and o use a - no less than - 400 L liquid ballast tank: with calm sea this can also function as live bait tank and can reduce the roll.

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Akes 23



Some photos of the external and interior layout

The deck layout includes a spacious bow sun deck with a 2 people berth, central console with T-top, clear well deck with 6 people lateral seats and 2 people forward seats situated in front of the console. Moreover, the material (5083 marine aluminium alloy) guarantees low costs and a lightweight boat, whose performances (46 knots @ 200 hp) allow to cover long distances: 300 miles can be covered with the 300 L fuel tank (1 mile / L at cruise speed) The boat is trailerable and can be powered with single outboard engine (from 150 to 300 hp). Equipment: T-top, electric winch, cushions, water tank with autoclave pump, 2 bilge pumps, double battery.

Technical specs:

  • Lenght Over all: 7.05 m
  • Beam: 2.48 m
  • Depth: 1.71 m
  • Draft: 0.4 m
  • Capacity: 7 peoples
  • Dry weight: 900 kg
  • Displacement: 1800 kg
  • Power: 150 - 300 hp single outboard
  • Speed: from 40 to 60 mph
  • Cruising consumption: 25 L/H @ 28 mph, near 1 Nautic mile per liter
  • Range: 300 NM

AKES Design: Your Dream, Our Passion!