Grado Dodici

The Ultimate Lobster Open

Strongly innovative

“Grado Dodici”, the strongly innovative open lobster comes out from the cooperation between Akesdesign and G.A.Cantieri Navali. GRADO DODICI is defined by an accurate design, by a very attentive, coordinate and contextual handling of every detail, by the continuous research of the best balance between nautical qualities, technology and aesthetics. Its purpose is to be a boat suitable to be piloted and to be enjoyed, that shows great quality both in its materials and in its structure and details.

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Grado Dodici


Some photos of the external and interior layout

GRADO DODICI is all this and more: it is the result of a rational choice of the components, of a great care in the assembling process, of a refined realization of the manufacturing process combined with consideration to the maintenance costs. We can truly say that this is a “smart” craft.

GRADO DODICI is a new kind of motorized 12 metre: in it, the navigational qualities are preferred, whereas the exasperated research of the interior volumetry often forgets and even damages them. Here, you can find plenty of room outside: there is all the necessary to fully enjoy the sea, but everything can be easily and rapidly closed in order to create a space suitable to the evening or to the less temperate days. The presence of the dunnage near the water line makes the roll irrelevant and grants a true relationship with the sea environment. The interior is entirely dedicated to the bathroom and bedroom with a definite preference for the space devoted to hygiene and to well-being instead of creating small and restricted spaces. The motorization is out board, in order to grant an enjoyable piloting experience and reduced costs.

Finally, you have the possibility of completely personalize the structures, the rooms, the finishes, the plant design.
GRADO DODICI, a totally custom built boat.


A boat should be good for navigating and it should navigate smoothly; it should be dry, firm, and “seaworthy”. Grado Dodici’s hull, the last evolution of a long, well tested series of Akesdesign’s hulls, is the result of careful studies and tests under different conditions of employment. This boat has not been built around an already existing hull: its hull has been developed around a unitary project and by keeping into consideration the construction materials that have been employed. Great attention was devoted to the distribution of the weights in order to grant a good and safe navigation and in order to grant the control of the boat by piloting it instead of being carried by it, in every kind of weather condition.


It is characterized by sinuous lines, which are mighty but at the same time gentle and traditional rather than fashionable: in fact, it is destined to endure for a very long time. Functionality and aesthetics are strictly merged also in the choice of the colours, of the finishes, of the covering and of the materials. Grado Dodici is a praise to the “Made in Italy”.


The core is done with an extremely thick mahogany laminate with epoxy resin with multi-axial fibreglass fabrics, Kevlar and carbon. The result is a structure that grants a granitic toughness joined with a lightness unequalled among boats of the same length or even smaller ones made of fibreglass. The construction technique of the hull consists of fitting together all the parts which are realized beginning from tridimensional sketches through the employ of cutting-edge CNC 5 axis machines. Then, the parts are assembled with “hand-craft” skill that is to say that the antique skills of the master carpenter have been joined with the technological innovations. The superstructures are partly made of low density, three dimensional moulded structural foam, milled and laminated with multiaxial carbon fabric of epoxy resin. The interior and external furniture are mainly made of laminated mahogany or okumé sandwich with foam cores and lightweight laminate. They are fastened with a self-supporting system, so that they never undergo structural burdens or stresses and they ensure sturdiness and absence of creaks in every navigation condition, as well as the possibility of completely or partially remove them in the occasion of extraordinary repairs or refitting.

GRADO DODICI can come back to its “open surface” condition in order to grant an easy maintenance. The painting cycle of the interior and external space employs high quality and certificated components and it is realized by experts in the field of the automotive industry. The plant engineering is modular in order to be developed and/or replaced in the future also with the aim of following technological progress, and it grants the maximal security and an easy utilization. For these reasons, the project will include, for instance, two reliable autoclave pumps of great capacity with expansion tanks, working together or individually depending on the activated utilities, two power inverters, two battery chargers, and a 5kw generator. Everything is open to inspection and realized with materials that at the same time reach a high quality standard and are easy to repair everywhere in the world in order to keep ordinary problems from ruining an holiday.


A really enjoyable boat should grant an optimal possibility to move on board, especially during the handling of the boat itself, and it should also grant comfortable, safe and spacious spaces. Grado Dodici’s measures on board are meant to be safe and usable, clearly in accordance to the characteristics of this kind of means of transport. There is a spacious sundeck on the stern that can be employed also as facing ahead sit or as a dinner table sit like a chaise longue in order to enjoy the wash of the navigating boat, there are opposing side couches with tip-up back, a wide modular table, external furniture that grants high stowage volumes equipped with renowned electrical appliances, for instance a pasta cooker, electric grill, deep fryer, induction hobs, 3D television with blue ray and digital terrestrial/sky decoder, a real home theatre on board!

Inside, GRADO DODICI is 1,95 m high, there is a main bathroom with an electric toilet and coordinated bidet and a second bathroom that is an actual shower unit of large dimensions with the showerhead attached to the ceiling and with a maximum flow of 18 litres per minute, a watertight bathrobe closet and a reclining sit. If needed, a Turkish bath can be added. There is a sleeping area with two single beds overlapping and a fore double bed that can be separated too. There is an actual closet for a real and functional space for the clothes. Everything follows the open-space notion, but there aredividing curtains that are realized in a peculiar fabric that is both soundproof and processed so that it can ionize the environment and convert potential bad smells (it is certified). Great attention has been paid to the piloting space, with sits and wheel that have adjustable height and depth and the presence of supports and platforms realized like a custom-made dress for the ship-owner.

There are wide platforms on which there are useful and wide side passages from stern to bow that create an actual walk around, and a huge fore sundeck: all of these characteristics generate a result that can cover long term and range cruises too.


Pursuing reliability was a must for this project: the thickness of the hull’s material has a dimension that can support a stronger stress than the one accorded to the strictest norms. The materials have been tested, every accessory has been checked, the passing of the cables and the wires is simple and linear, the watertight electrical connection has a bigger cable section, the choice of the components and the position and dimension of the tanks for the fuel and other liquids have been carefully projected.

GRADO DODICI has also the characteristics of an unsinkable boat thanks to its watertight division into compartments served by seven big and independent automatic bilge pumps (that can be activated manually too) that are impressively resistant to possible impacts thanks to the lamination with Kevlar fabric of the entire hull and of the entire fore bulwark.


The reduced weight of the boat along with the easily flowing hull grant reduced consumptions compared to boats that are similar in their dimension, with any kind of motorization. The four strokes outboard engine, whose power can range from 2x350 up to 4x350hp, allows an ulterior restraint of the weight and the maintenance of an high cruise speed and the maximum speed, but at the same time it restrains the maintenance expenses compared to traditional out board or stern drive engines. As already mentioned, all the technical spaces and the equipment spaces, grouped together based on their typologies and with accuracy, can be easily checked thanks to suitable hatchways that are watertight where needed, to the extent of obtaining a complete reopening of the ship.


During the projecting phase, great care has been devoted to the customization possibilities. The external furniture and the interior distribution are completely changeable, modular and customizable, with the chance of changing the settings only by moving its components and with no further expenses. Every ship owner is free to create his or her own layout without the need of modifying the basic project proposed. Finishes, colours, fabrics, organization, equipment choice: everything is possible on GRADO DODICI.


  • Length: 11.99 m
  • Length overall: 13.10 m
  • Beam: 3.95 m
  • Displacement: 8000 kg
  • Motorization: out-board, from 2x300 up to 4x350 hp
  • Cruise speed: 35 kn*
  • Maximum speed: 50 kn*
  • Fuel tank: 1300 L
  • Water tank: 450 L
(*) in the 3x350hp version.

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