Requin Gris 33

Requin Gris 33 (its style shows clear references to the great predator) is an open boat of 10 metres powered with out-boards or stern-drive engine. It has an entirely customizable deck, well suited for meeting the demands of somebody who needs a cabin boat fit for being used as a day cruiser or also for mid-range cruises. In fact, there is the space for a cabin with a wide double-bed, a bathroom and also the option of having the space for four beds; moreover, there is a walk-around deck whose surface is entirely exploitable, a dinette and a shaped sun deck at the bow; this boat can be used as a sports fishing boat thanks to the fact that there is plenty of room and thanks to its remarkable range. The deep V hull type ensures a soft impact on the waves and, most of all, a great stability at anchor but, at the same time, it is easily in flowing and allows the achievement of high speeds (up to 2x350 hp, 58 knots) for the speed lovers but also of very low horsepower (2x150 hp) in order to reach a considerable speed.

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Requin Gris 33


Some photos of the external and interior layout

The construction can be done in sandwiches of plywood and epoxy resin enforced with biaxial fibreglass and Kevlar or aluminum 5083, in order to ensure the highest sturdiness and weightlessness. The structure is made up of a thick reinforcing grating with remarkably thick structural water-tight bulkhead and longitudinals with a large section mounted with a regularly jointed structure which ensures an extremely monolithic result. This is made possible thanks to the careful design process along with the employment of five axes milling machines which enable the realization of strong pieces with extremely low tolerances. This building system is on the cutting edge regarding the relation weight/sturdiness, therefore it grants quiet cruises with any kind of weather and at the same time it remarkably minimizes the consumption. Last but not least, this building method in which everything is programmed in advance and nothing is left to chance, allows the construction of the boat very quickly and with completely reasonable prices. There is a cabin with double-bed, a bathroom, and a kitchen area.

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Fully customizable deck: The project of the boat includes a thick reinforcing grating of the hull, with structural bulkhead and two rows of continuous keelsons with a tank cradle.

MAIN Specifications:

  • Length: 9.99 m
  • Length overall: 10.80 m
  • Beam: 2.99 m
  • Weight: 3300 kg
  • Motorization: out-board or stern-drive engine, from 2x150 up to 2x350 hp
  • Water tank: 200 L
  • Fuel tank: 650 L
  • Maximum capacity: 12 people
  • Planning category: B

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