Revolutionary 7.30 m RIB, 2.80 width, equipped with a 5083 H111 alloy hull, very sharp and capable of reaching high speeds with very little power and very low consumption. The search for lightness has been fundamental, while it complies with the essential seaworthiness requirements; the tubulars are just touching the water, the hull has a high deadrise in the forward sections, as well it has been a meticulous optimization of the longitudinal center of gravity position. The deck is very wide, with a large bow sundeck over 2.50 meters long; the console is aerodynamic, and allows you to drive while seated, with ample visibility, but with the possibility of a seat that can be transformed into a lumbar support, inside which there is space for an icebox.

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At the stern there is a large sun deck / sofa for 4 people, with lateral passages easy to climb to access the stern area; also at the sterni is present a rollbar which is useful as a towing or mooring point, and helps access to the large platforms. The hull is innovative, equipped with transversal and longitudinal steps, and has made possible to exceed 28 knots with a 40 hp Selva Murena XSR (70), and over 40 knots with a 140 hp engine (Tohatsu MFS 140). All with a very safe behavior at sea, easy and stable in turns, reactive, with longitudinal trim always relaxed and very low planing speed.

Technical specs:

  • Length 7.30 m
  • Internal length 6.60 MT
  • Width 2.85 MT
  • Internal width 1.85 MT
  • Dry weight 900 kg
  • Weight with 40 HP Selva 1020 kg

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