Advance Project X

Advance represents a combination of long tradition, experience, high quality and modern design. Advance inflatable and RIB boats were developed on the foundations of production factory Sportstar, the largest manufacturer of sports equipment and inflatable boats in the former Yugoslavia. During four decades of existence, the Sportstar has been a synonym for the highest standard and quality of rubber boats. With the termination of the company, production did not cease, because in the same place where the former masters of craft were creating these famous boats, new company opened, launching the nautical brand Advance, as the successor to the Sport segment of boats.

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Advance Project X


The new company just kept going where Sport left off, upgrading and modernizing the range of smaller inflatable boats, but also moving to the RIB boat segment, with a fiberglass speedboat hulls. Workers of Sport who participated in the creation of the legend of the quality of inflatable boats continued to pass on valuable knowledge and advice to younger workers at the new company, who will create some new models in the future. The Advance philosophy is based on consistent work on creating new and modern models of inflatable and RIB boats. Special attention is devoted to the design of even the smallest detail. By combining advanced materials and handmade, with a proven technology, Advance boat production is based on the highest quality of workmanship, as a guarantee for long-lasting and reliable product. Striving towards continuous development, Advance is dedicated to the requirements of buyers and their need to feel safe and pleased riding their boats.

Technical specs:

  • Length: 10.78m
  • Length overall: 11.5m
  • Width: 3.62m
  • Maximum number of people: 16 people
  • Recommended speed: Cruising speed 30-40 knots
  • Recommended engine power: 2 x 300hp for speed 52 knots / 2 x 350hp for speed 55 knots / 2 x 400hp for speed 58 knots
  • Maximum speed: 60+ knots
  • Maximum engine power: 2 x 450hp for speed 60+ knots
  • Water tank: 150 liters
  • Fuel tank: 800 liters

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