Salpa Soleil Ribs

Salpa Soleil range has been designed by Akesdesign, precisely models 23, 28 and 33: hull, deck, tubulars and stiffening system. Common features in the design of these ribs are the latest generation, deep-V, single stepped hull , designed to face all the sea conditions in maximum comfort, dryness, efficiency, speed, worth of the best in class . All 3 hulls have deadrise angles starting from about 20 degrees at transom up to 60 entry and an average deadrise near 30 degrees, all for seakeeping but .. keeping an eye at speed. The 23” achieves top speed of about 40 knots with a 150 hp, the 28ft , with largest deadrise, tops at 44 kn with single 300 while most competitors of same size need way bigger engine or twin for the same performances, the cabin-33 tops at 54 knots with a pair of 300 hp, although the hull is not an uncomfortable “racing one” and its big goal is the comfort and easiness of maintaining a great speed in rough waters totally in the comfort zone. As for the deck layout, all 3 ribs have in common wide spaces, ergonomic console and helm position, big sundeck, stern dinette and big stern platforms, apart of the great cabin space for the 33ft model.

All these features in a convincing, modern and original look, from which the boatyard got idea for further models.


AKES Design: Your Dream, Our Passion!