Zeta Elle Ribs

A masterpiece of Akes design

The hulls of Zeta Elle super ribs series are a masterpiece of Akes design. The hull design has been developed thanks to the latest technologies included CFD , to improve all the sea attitudes: dryness, trim angle, and performance, included aerodynamic resistance, often underrated in Ribs. The boatyard has also a state of the art construction system, like cad-cam 5 axis milling machine, to make the mold and structures, obtaining a very high quality boat. Sea trials confirmed the good work. Common features are the absolute comfort at speed, very low trim angle and easy handling. The particular geometry of the hull and the wave piercing bow ensure high cruising speed in the choppy and pretty rough sea without comparison. Also speed performances are great: the 8.5 tops at 55 knots with 2x250 outboards, the 14m exceeds 47 knots with 3x300 but has sport performances even with “only” 2x350 hp ,that is a low power considering the size of the boat. ZL 15 instead is powered by 2x560 FPT diesel inboard with surface drive propulsion, achieving 45 knots and capable of long range cruising.

AKES Design: Your Dream, Our Passion!