Akes 22

Open Daycruiser or fisherman boat, 6.60 m long (+ any stern platforms) x 2.35, building material multi-layer reinforced with fiberglass inner and outer in epoxy resin, or light alloy. Structural layout in watertight bulkheads, c.ca 650 kg empty weight, hull suitable for an engine "light", i.e. between 140 and 225hp, but the boat has a deep V and penetrating, suitable for all seas, with an average deadrise greater than 25 °, it has been thought in order to have no appreciable differences of behavior under varying load. Stable afloat, especially dry, a prerequisite for those who enjoy fishing out of season. The hull has been tested with success in Akes 19, Akes20, and Akes 25 boats.

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Akes 22


Some photos of the external and interior layout

The deck is customizable, the basic room has a "U" seat in the bow and stern with the possibility of extension center table and chairs; Protective console with 2 seats facing forwards, backrest bolsters with enough space for fridge and cook, aft couch - dinette, or longitudinal benches or void wide space. Locker space in the bow, in console batteries, water ballast (or large livewell) in front of the console; underdeck polyethylene tank 190 L, aft stowage locker .It completes the layout the t-top option and stern platforms.

Boat project available in plans

Technical specs:

  • Lenght m. 6,60
  • Beam m. 2.35
  • Weight kg. 650
  • Draught m. 0.35
  • Engine : 115 to 150hp , max 225 hp
  • Performances: up to 50+ knots
  • Persons max load: 8
  • CE cat. B/C

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