Vento 500

light as the air, strong as the storm.

The innovative and elegant rigid inflatable boat is designed with a very precise aim: performances, comfort inboard and seakeeping worthy of far larger-sized boats, low costs of purchase and mantaining. The deep "V" shaped hull with delta pad and single step is engineered in order to absorb very few power, to plane also at low speed (lower than 7 knots) and thus to reach record fuel consumption (3 miles / liter) with a constant balance, also with heavy motors such as the modern four-stroke engines. The study of the weight distribution and of the correct positioning of the barycenter, combined with the simulation of dynamic stability, guarantees a far superior handling in comparison to those of equal-sized boats, now ranked as "entry level".

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Vento 500



Some photos of the external and interior layout

The sturdiness of the biaxial glass and carbon fiber construction is superior than the strict standards required by the CE regulations and, despite this, the boat is lightweight. It is fully equipped, with bow sun deck (longer than 1.80 m) and stern sun deck extension convertible into a table, console front seat, convertible central seat (2 people) / leaning post, side passage to the well deck zone with two opposite benches and clear, wide central area with a 6 people table. The layout is completed by two comfortable platforms at the stern with retractable ladder. Furthermore, a completely modular fitting is available for the deck of the rib and it can be adapted to fit everyone's demand. Crosslinked polyethylene fuel tank under the bottom boards, fresh water tank with shower.

Power: from 25 to 90 hp, speed: 40 knots and over.

Watertight compartment, STATIC self bailing deck.

VENTO 500 is built by VENTO NAVIS boatyard, Croatia

Technical specs:

  • Lenght: m. 5.05
  • Beam: m. 2.05
  • Dry weight: Kg 230
  • Draft: m. 0.29
    Performances with Yamaha 40/60T engine:
  • min. planing speed: 7 knots @ 2200 rev. cruise speed: 18-24 Km @ 3600-4300 rev.
  • range (at cruise speed with 60 L tank): 170 miles
  • max. speed: 34 knots @ 5800 rev with Blacksteel prop
  • CE cat. C.

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